C5116E Single Column Vertical Lathe

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C5116E Single Column Vertical Lathe

1.The super-high quality and mass remarkably surpass the domestic first-class factories.
2.The beam guide and ram guide are handled by supersonic frequency induction hardening (HRC≥50) while the sliding surface of guide is treated with sticking plastic (including inclined veneers and pressure plate). The precision of the product can be maintained for a long time and the cycle for big repair can be extended as long as more than 10 years.
3.EXcellent casting comes from the same factory that the domestic big factories utilize (all are in type of HT300) and the artificial heat ageing is carried out. The casting can never be carried out with weight-reducing treatment, the weight of the whole machine accords with the standard one.
4.five-angle tool carrier adopts high-precision rat gear for positioning and for all 120 pieces, super-strong stiffness. (the traditional five piece positioning plate can be compared with it)
5. 2 axial digital display is taken as the standard confirmation (4 axial digital display type will be exported)
6.The electrics adopt Japan Omron PLC control and the electric components utilize the components with ultra-high quality , specification (CE standard) assembly process, in addition, the electrics of the whole machine owns super-high reliability.
7.ELectric rotary valve, Grade 16 machinery variable speed make the device convenient, smart and reliable.
8.High-precision gear grinding gear and gear grinding spiral bevel (Grade 6 precision) are featured with low noise and stable operation.
9.JB/T4116-96 precision test standard of vertical lathe is performed
JB/3665-96 technical condition of vertical lathe is performed.
10.Advanced and perfect processing and assembly process forge excellent quality.
11.Accessory configuration is complete and only the user prepares for the knife and measuring tool, the operation can be started immediately. Perfect after-sales service (pre-sales, in-sales, after-sales, installation, debugging, training and maintenance etc.) in addition, one-year quality assurance service is granted.
12.Optional configuration: rolling working platform, Germany Mecano button station, heightening lathe and prolonging ram and square ram etc.

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